Girl using a cell phone. Text reads, "Schedule your next appointment online -- no phone calls required. Online scheduling is now available for primary care and OB-GYN visits.

schedule with Maury Regional Medical Group

Maury Regional Medical Group patients — both new and existing! — now have the option to self-schedule appointments with their primary care or OB-GYN providers. To self-schedule using our new online tool, click "Schedule Online" next to the practice where you're looking to book your upcoming appointment. 

Maury Regional Medical Group Practices

Primary Care

Lewis Health Center: Call 931.796.4901 • Schedule Online
• Jawaid Kamal, MD
• Nicky Edwards, FNP-C
• Ashley Hancock, CPNP-C, pediatrics
• Bailee Horton, FNP-C
• Martha Kristin Woodside, FNP
• Kanthi C. Narra, MD
• Timothy Nash, MD
• Jessica Boshers, FNP-BC
• Mason Douglas, FNP-C
• Sarah Kersey, PA-C
• Brandy Miller, FNP-C
Lewisburg Pediatrics: Call 931.270.3655 • Schedule Online
• Andrew Nielsen, MD
• Ashley Hancock, CPNP-PC
• Kimberly Huffman, CPNP, AGNP
MRMG MDVIP: Call 931.379.7325
• J. Cummins Couch III, MD, CMD
• Michael A. Kreis, DO
• Carly Cooke, FNP-BC
• Samuel P. Welch, FNP-C
• Kristen Clay, FNP-BC
• Thomas W. Farmer, MD
• Ben A. Gardner, MD
• Kelsey King-Hook, MD
• Brian Lovely, PA-C
• John R. Roberts, DO
• R. Michael Brewer, MD
• Dianne Davis, FNP-C
• Martha Kristin Woodside, FNP
• Sean C. Cannady, DO
• Nathan Lafferty, MD
• Teresa Pisani, PA-C
• Colleen St.John, PA-C
• Millicent Rooker, FNP-BC-C
• Pinky R. Chugani, DO
• Andrew K. Nielsen, MD
• Brooke Miller, FNP-BC, IBCLC

• Gavin Pinkston, MD

Primary Care - Waynesboro: Call 931.722.9999 • Schedule Online
• Michael Kreis, DO
• Harish Veeramachaneni, MD, MPH
• Paula Cole, NP
• Carly Cooke, FNP-BC
• Kendra Prater-Holt, NP
• Samuel Welch, FNP-C
• Catherine Clanton, MSW, LCSW
• Loretta Davidson, FNP-BC
• Carolyn Hebel, PMHNP-BC
• Josefine Luna, PA-C
• Miranda Wood, PA-C

Specialty Care

MRMG Ear, Nose & Throat: Call 931.540.4259 
• Frances Mei Hardin, MD
• Ashley Perez, AuD
MRMG Endocrinology: Call 931.490.7050
• John McRae, MD
• Bushra Z. Osmani, MD
• Karalyn Champion, FNP-C
• John C. Welker, MD
• Rosemary Davenport, FNP-C
• John "Jack" Garrett, ACNP-BC
• Gretchen Nelson, NP
MRMG Neurology: Call 931.490.7348
• Chaohua Yan, MD
MRMG OB-GYN: Call 931.490.1295 • Schedule Online
• Nicole Falls, MD
• Liane P. Gozmao, MD
• Michael Pelletier, MD
• Andres Rodriguez, MD
• Brittany Legg, FNP-BC
• Leslie McBroom, FNP-BC
• Jill McDonald, FNP-BC
MRMG Plastic Surgery: Call 931.381.2802
• Matthew Endara, MD
• K. Dwayne Fulks, MD
MRMG Pulmonary & Critical Care: Call 931.490.7775
• Jon L. Freels, MD
• J. Spencer Jensen, MD
• Karthik Jothianandan, MD
• Maura Lipp, MD
• Brett C. Norman, MD, MPH
• Joe Philip, MD
• Thomas E. Quinn, MD
• Brian Beck, NP
• Jason Cunningham, NP
• Mark Graves, FNP-BC
• Kathrynne Simmons, NP
MRMG Rheumatology: Call 931.490.1120
• Bill Bailey, MD
• Jacqueline Rena Smith, DNP
MRMG Urology: Call 931.840.8547
• Justin K. Kropf, MD
• Troy R. Larson, MD
• Michael Blocker, FNP-C
• Lindsey Chapman, FNP-C

Urgent Care

Maury Regional Urgent Care in Columbia provides a convenient option for individuals unable to see their primary care physician who have conditions that are not serious enough for an emergency department visit.

Maury Regional Urgent Care | Columbia931.380.4114

Maury Regional Urgent Care | North Columbia931.398.6590

Corporate Office

Maury Regional Medical Group
854 W. James Campbell Blvd., Suite 303
Columbia, TN 38401

Billing Questions:

Corporate Phone:
or 1.888.540.4255

For appointment scheduling and insurance questions, please contact the specific practice as listed above. For billing questions, please call 931.490.4709. If you are looking for a Maury Regional Medical Group provider, please visit the provider search tool