Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Positron emission tomography (PET) is an imaging procedure that combines the use of a camera and a tracer to generate pictures of the precise location and extent of diseases such as cancer. Maury Regional Health offers PET imaging at the Maury Regional Cancer Center by appointment with a physician's order.

The Biograph mCT offers advanced PET, CT and PET/CT imaging that allows oncology physicians to evaluate staging and monitoring of cellular activity over time and to assess treatment response. Dose-reduction technology minimizes patient exposure to radiation, while fast scan times result in less patient motion to improve image quality and overall patient experience.

Upon arrival for your PET scan, a glucose-based radiocative tracer liquid is infused into a vein. After allowing the tracer to circulate through the body for a short time, the PET camera records the collection of the tracer in organs and tissues. Following the scan, results are interpreted by a board-certified radiologist and shared with your physician.

COVID-19 Information:

Maury Regional Health values the health and safety of our patients.

During this time of respiratory illness concerns, patients can be assured that our facilities continue to be cleaned to the same strict standards we have always held. In addition, we are scheduling appointments to accommodate social distancing and imaging exams are being performed without interruption. If you or a family member has a health issue that needs to be addressed, please speak to your provider about an imaging study at one of our facilities. Learn more about Maury Regional Health’s commitment to patient safety at COVID.MauryRegional.com.