CT Scan

A CT scan uses X-rays combined with a computer to capture multiple cross-sectional images, or "slices" in rapid sequence, similar to slices from a loaf of bread. These pictures let the radiologist see the bones and soft tissues within the body more clearly. Typically, CT scans will focus on a specific area of the body, rotating around your body to take images. Among the CT equipment at Maury Regional Medical Center is a 64-slice CT, one of the most powerful diagnostic tools available, capturing high quality images and decreasing the time it takes to conduct a scan. 

CT services are available at Maury Regional Medical Center, Spring Hill Imaging Center, Marshall Medical Center and Wayne Medical Center.

Maury Regional Health facilities also offer CT screenings to individuals age 50 and older with no pre-existing conditions. These include self-scheduled organ screenings and the lung cancer CT screening.