Ultrasound is a technique that sends high frequency sound waves into the body. While ultrasound is often used by doctors and parents-to-be to monitor the health of an unborn baby, ultrasound is also useful in examining specific organs of the body as well as identifying blocages in arteries. High-frequency sound waves hit the target body part and bounce back as a series of echoes. An ultrasound scanner detects these echoes and analyzes the information to create an image.

In addition to diagnostic ultrasound procedures, Maury Regional Health facilities offer affordable ultrasound screenings, including vascular screenings to detect blockages in the circulatory system and organ screenings to detect stones and cancers. For more information, click here.

Ultrasound imaging is available at Maury Regional Medical Center, Spring Hill Imaging Center, Lewis Health Center,  Marshall Medical Center and Wayne Medical Center.

4D Ultrasound

4D ultrasound imaging, which allows expectant parents a chance to view their child in real-time with amazing clarity, is typically performed between 16 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. This optional exam is offered for a nominal fee at Wayne Medical Center and Maury Regional Medical Group Obstetrics & Gynecology. To schedule a 4D ultrasound appointment, contact one of these two locations.


Maury Regional Health values the health and safety of our patients. Patients can be assured that our facilities continue to be cleaned to the same strict standards we have always held. In addition, we are scheduling appointments to accommodate social distancing and imaging exams are being performed without interruption. If you or a family member has a health issue that needs to be addressed, please speak to your provider about an imaging study at one of our facilities. Learn more about Maury Regional Health’s commitment to patient safety at COVID.MauryRegional.com.

Maury Regional Health has implemented visitation restrictions at our facilities. Masks are required in all Maury Regional Health facilities. For current visitation policy information, visit COVID.MauryRegional.com.