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"We were never concerned about his care—because of the physicians and nurses. I would recommend Maury Regional."

Parker Ellington Martin was born on November 21 at Maury Regional Medical Center. His parents, Cord and Sondra Martin of Columbia, had been anxiously preparing for their son’s arrival—but expected that to happen closer to his due date in January instead of ten weeks premature.

Three days before Thanksgiving, Sondra was enjoying time with a close friend when she began experiencing symptoms that prompted her to call her physician with Maury Regional Medical Group OB-GYN who suggested that she come to the medical center to be observed. A short time after arriving in the hospital’s Labor & Delivery unit, Parker was born.

Cord remembers the first indication he received that something might be wrong. He was headed to Murfreesboro to teach an evening music class. “I got a call from Sondra’s friend to come quickly,” he said.

When he arrived at the medical center and rushed to the fourth floor, any disappointment about having narrowly missed his son’s birth was overshadowed by relief. “I was just grateful to know that my wife and son were okay,” he said.

Parker was ten weeks premature and was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where he stayed for 31 days under the care of neonatologists and registered nurses trained in caring for premature infants.

When Sondra was discharged, she and her husband were able to see their son as often as they wanted.

“It was very reassuring to have a hospitality room right around the corner so we could check on our preemie,” Sondra said.

According to Sondra, the physicians and staff in the NICU were always willing to answer their questions.

“Looking back on it, we were in exceptional care from the time we got there. Their biggest concern was to make sure I was okay and the baby was okay,” she said.

Little Parker received a great send-off from the staff when it was time to go home with his parents in December.

“My son, Parker, received exceptional care during the four weeks that he was at Maury Regional. And because of this, I would without hesitation recommend Maury Regional to any expecting parents,” Sondra said.

“Both my wife and my son received exceptional care,” Cord said.

Childbirth and NICU Services at Maury Regional

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