Woman receives an imaging study. Text reads, "When you need answers, trust our experienced imaging team."

Imaging Services

Maury Regional Health facilities use a wide range of diagnostic imaging tools. Using health information gathered through sound and magnetic waves as well as X-rays, you and your physicians can make quick, informed health care decisions.

We are committed to helping you maintain your health by offering wellness screenings to detect blockages in the circulatory system, cancer and stones.

Board-certified radiologists are specially trained in CT, MRI, PET, mammography, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. Some have received fellowship training in neuroradiology, interventional radiology, and musculoskeletal radiology.

hear from a patient

"To be able to do the low-dose CT screening at Maury Regional is really what convinced me to get it done. I don’t know if I would have gone somewhere else for the CT scan. Both my husband and I have been patients at Maury Regional, and we appreciate everything they’ve done. I’ve passed along to some of my friends and family that if you’re eligible for those early screenings, just do it." -- Linda Moore

Linda Moore, a lifelong southern Middle Tennessee resident, credits a low-dose CT screening performed at Maury Regional Medical Center for finding her lung cancer at an early stage, making it easier to successfully treat.

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